How To Launch A Short e-Book In Just 21 Days or Less And Make $1,000 Per Month All From Home

Dear Friend,


Back in 2008, I discovered an underground group of people making a lot of money from electronic books or e-books for short.


When I first heard about it, I was like…


"No way!"


"People are buying this? They pay $20 for a computer file?"


I told them… "I don't believe you."


Then a man from the United Kingdom that belongs to that exclusive group showed me a screenshot of all the recent transactions of his business.


Frankly, I don't think he's supposed to reveal his income to me, but his ego made him do it.


You know, it's like a 6-year old kid showing off his new bike to his friends.


Imagine this, you can sell thousands of copies of your product WITHOUT spending money on product cost. You take home 100% of the profits.


Unlike a physical product where you need to invest more sa printing press or manufacturer if you'd like to produce more products. You need a large capital to get started, and risks are higher.


But not with e-books.


Well, before you tell me…”May bibili pa ba ng e-book e lahat nasa Google at YouTube na?”


Check This Out: In 2019 alone, people spent $2.04 billion on e-books. That's according to the Association of American Publishers' annual report.


If that fact doesn't excite you, I don't know what will. 


We're talking about a Billion Dollars industry my friend and yet, most Filipinos clueless of this lucrative market.


Best part is, ordinary people like you can get into this business in as little as 21 days.


Most importantly: You don’t need to be a writer, expert, or even “techy” to make money from e-books.


I’ve sold over 23 Million Pesos of my e-books all from home.


Mind you, this isn’t one of those get-rich-quick schemes. Actually, when I was starting in this e-books business, I faced some challenges.


First, I don't know where or how to begin. This is the hardest part.


With so much information over the Internet, it's overwhelming and confusing.


Second, I don't know how to write. I mean, I can write but not writing a book. Tapos, hindi pa ako magaling sa English writing.


But my curiosity was too strong not to pursue this unique business.


It’s like meeting the man or woman of your dreams. Hindi na ako makatulog e.


I’m imagining…


What if sell just 10 e-books for $20 each, that’s $200 per month…

What if I sell 20 e-books for $20 each, that’s $400…

But what if I sell 50 e-books for $20, that’s $1,000…


“$1,000 a month! Sa bahay lang ako? Oh my gulay!” 


Para akong uminom ng tatlong litrong kape. I can’t sleep for days. This business is all that I have in mind.


My friend, tell me…


If you can make just an extra $1,000 per month from e-books, where are you going to spend it?


How much will your life change?


Are you going to travel? Where are you going to bring your kids for vacation?


I don’t know with you, but I like white sand and the sound of crashing waves. My favorite destination is Boracay, and staying in a nice hotel along the shore. Having breakfast and sipping freshly brewed coffee in front of the beach…heaven!


But, that’s just me. Spend that extra $1,000 a month that makes you and your family happy.


Now, my very first e-book wasn’t a typical book with 350 pages. NOPE.


The idea for an e-book popped into my head when I was trying to write a message in a birthday card. I need to write something that’s uplifting, and I’d like to add a Bible verse.


So, I’m looking for Bible verse about birthday.


Then I’d realize it wasn’t easy to find one. From there, I discovered that there are a lot of people are searching on different topics like…


”Bible verses about parenting.”

“Bible verses about starting a business.”

“Bible verses about staying fit.”

“Bible verses about falling in love.”


And so, my very first e-book in the Christian market is simply a collection of Bible verses. It has 200 categories with 10 verses each, and I sold it for $17 dollars.


And to my surprise, I sold 15 copies and made $255 for the entire month of August 2008.


That was the beginning of my now multimillion e-book business empire


By the way, e-books are just short reports, unlike traditional printed books that have more than 350 pages.


My e-books, on average, have 50 pages and the shortest was 35 page.


Here are some of them and how much money I made as of this writing:

How To Manage Your Finances For Christians.

(As of now I made $11,754.80 or Php 470,192)

How To Study The Bible

(I made $8,411.50 or Php 336,460)

How To Break Addiction And Bad Habits

(I made $7,726.450 or Php 309,060)

My best-selling e-book is on how to memorize Bible verses. It has 59 pages and generated $533,969.10 in revenue so far.


As of this writing, I’ve sold over $2 Million of my digital products online. From e-books, audiobooks, video courses, and coaching programs.


With this business, I was able to quit my job, made Millions, and travel the world with my wife, kids, and close friends.

Frankly, the best reward I got from this business is NOT much about what I want…but making my parent’s dreams a reality. 


After 14 years of renting, we bought our parents a nice house in Los Angeles, California:

Two years after, I bought my dad his new Mercedes-Benz

I’m the happiest son in the world. 


Mind you, this success didn’t happen overnight. But it all started with just one e-book or what I now call “The Lead Product.”


You see, the key to succeed in this business is by taking the most important step and that is launching your first or lead product.


Believe it or not, once na release mo na, it will open up countless money-making opportunities na para kang naka hukay ng “gold bar” sa bakuran mo.


And if you’re wondering…


Why e-Books Is The Easiest To Sell Online


Reality is, you can sell different online products online. You can sell physical products, videos, courses, mobile apps, coaching programs, or membership websites.


But, those are too complicated for newbies. That’s why e-book is the best product to sell in the beginning. You can have your own short e-book in as little as 21 days or possibly even less.


And it’s much easier to sell online since it’s affordable to most people.


In the last few years, I’ve helped a lot of Filipinos to launch their lead product online.


Many of them started with zero knowledge or experience. But they took a leap of faith, release their first e-book, and they’re now building their own online businesses ng nasa bahay lang.


I asked some of them…”Anong feeling after you made your first sale online?”

Some of them already made multimillion selling digital products. Sure, walang instant yaman dito…


But remember, every big businesses started small and selling just one lead product.


And slowly but surely, they grew it to a multimillion business.


Today, I’d like to give you an opportunity to get into this BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and create your first e-book sell it for $20 each. And yes…

  • Even if you’re not a writer…

  • Even if you don’t see yourself as an expert…

  • Even if you’re not “techy”…

  • Di ka magaling sa English…

Or kahit introvert or mahiyain ka. It doesn’t matter.


What’s more important is your desire to get rich and escape the rat race. Kung sawa ka na sa “trabaho-sahod-bayad utang” cycle, read on. You don’t want to miss this golden opportunity.


With your permission, I’d like to introduce to you my brand-new course called…


Lead Product Planner

​How to create your first e-book in just 21 days or less.​

This self-study video course is great for beginners that will show the quickest way to produce your first best selling e-book in as little as 21 days.


The Lead Product Planner contains 8 short videos and a checklist that shows you step-by-step how to do a market research and create your very first e-book.


Whether you have ZERO idea on what to sell…or you have an idea but you’re unsure if will sell, this course is perfect for you.


Inside the course, you’ll discover…

  • How to brainstorm ideas for your first e-book.

  • How to guarantee that your product will sell.

  • The roadmap from someone with “no idea” to your lead product.

  • Two proven ways to create your first best-selling e-book that you can sell for $20.

  • Step-by-step video instructions to generate new ideas and content for your e-book.

  • A simple productivity tip that can help you finish your product fast.

  • How to come up with a powerful title for your e-book that catches peoples’ attention.

  • The Sweet Spot: What’s the perfect length for an e-book.

  • Not an expert? No problem! I’ll show you how to make experts create a product for you for free.

  • Avoid overwhelm and get your product done quickly.

  • Why guess? I’ll show you top online market places to discover what products are hot and sells a lot.

  • How to convert your document into the most popular e-book format.

  • Why NEVER publish your e-book on kindle or

And a much more.


So, what exactly you’ll receive once you invest in “Lead Product Planner”?


After your purchase, we will automatically email you (within 10 minutes) the details on how to access the self-study video course on our member’s only website.


Inside, you’ll get step-by-step videos on how to create your very first e-book. These are short 5 to 20 minute videos that reveal everything you need to know product creation.


Plus, you’ll also get a simple checklist as your guide so that you know every step you need to take. You don’t need to guess or waste your time searching online.


Everything is laid out for you into an easy to follow instructions.


“OK, but how much is the course?”


Here’s the deal.


If you register for one of my coaching programs, it will cost you at least Php 27,000 to learn from me.


But I understand that not many people have enough savings to invest that much money.


So, don’t worry. I won’t charge you Php 27,000. Not Php 15,000. 


Not Php 7,500. Even less than that. 


You see, because of the pandemic, I decided to create this self-study video course with the minimal investment so that everyone can get started in this e-book business and make money.


The “Lead Product Planner” course is just Php 3,995. 


Now, to make it even a sweeter deal…


Order today and I’ll give you these bonuses worth P15,000…FREE.


Bonus #1: Chillyonaryo Business Model (Worth Php 2,000)


This is an over one hour of training from my recent event, where I shared how to make millions all from home selling digital products.


The exact business model that I use to generate over Php 100 Million.


People paid Php 6,000 to attend on this event, but you can get it with no charge.


Bonus #2: The Outreach Mail Gameplan (OMG) (Worth Php 5,000)


In this video training, I’ll show you how to build instant credibility in the market.


Even if you’re new, or you’re not an expert in a certain topic, with this time-tested strategy, you’ll develop authority and believability in the eyes of your prospect.


Bonus #3: Passion To Profit Video Course (Worth P8,000)


If you want to know how you can make money from your passion, you’ll love this training. 


This video course is from my very first LIVE event in SMX, Aura. People paid P8,000 just to attend this seminar.


Here are just a few things you’ll discover from this video course…

  • How to turn your knowledge and passion into a profitable Internet business.

  • The blueprint in creating a product that can sell Millions of Pesos online.

  • Case studies over case studies on how to position your blogs, products, and programs that can generate Millions of revenue every year.

And more.


OK. So, to recap, if you order the “Lead Product Planner” today, you’ll get instant access to these:

  • Lead Product Planner Self-Study Video Course (Php 3,500 retail value)

  • Lead Product Planner Checklist

  • Bonus Course #1: The Chillyonaryo Business Model (Php 2,000 value)

  • Bonus Course #2: The Outreach Mail Gameplan (OMG) (Php 5,000 value)

  • Bonus Course #3: Passion To Profit Course (Php 8,000)


That’s a total of Php 18,500 worth of training for a small investment of just Php 3,995.

So what are you waiting for?

To order “Lead Product Planner”, just click the order button below.

To Pay Through Bank Deposit

Step 1

Go to any Banco De Oro (BDO) branch and deposit your payment of: P3,995 to the account below.


BDO Savings Account: 002370345892

Account Name: Nolasco V. Orana

BDO Branch: Mall of Asia


Step 2

Write your complete name and phone # on the deposit slip.

Scan or take a picture of your copy of deposit slip and email it to


Step 3

Send an SMS TXT to +63.935.609.2352 or +63.930.260.7690 to inform us of your deposit amount.


Upon verification, you'll receive an SMS or an email from us stating that we received the payment. From there, we'll give you instructions on how to complete your registration.

To Your Freedom,

Jon Orana

P.P.S. Don’t forget: I’m also giving you a P15,000 worth of bonuses if you decide before this offer expires.


Don’t hesitate, and access get the Lead Product Planner today.

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